watch withers and co


Watches are a personal favourite of ours, the reason being, they have a massive perceived value (but don't actually cost that much!)

Jump on to Instagram, and every 4th image is a watch of some description.

Think GWP (gift with purchase) campaign, think rewards program, think staff incentive, this staff long service program, these are all super effective ways to use a watch.

These are the real deal too, not just a pad print on the back, branding is done at point of manufactuer so choice of hands, dial, face, engraving, printing on the face and custom packaging

While the minimum order is only 12pcs, 25pcs and 50pcs are much more cost effective.

Withers & Co. MOQ: 12pcs

Standard MOQ: 250pcs

Withers & Co. Approx. Lead Time: 4-6 weeks

Standard Approx. Lead Time: 8 weeks