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Withers & Co works hard to bring our clients new ideas, trends, and examples of how other companies are using promotional products, branded merchandise and apparel to take the from a company to a brand. These businesses know their merchandise and apparel is the only part of their brand their clients can touch, so it needs to be special. Our blog is a source for ideas and inspiration. Find something that resonates with you and Withers & Co can help you apply that concept to your merchandise and apparel here in New Zealand. 

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Why Free Promotional Merchandise Works for Brands

Promotional merchandise has been a tried-and-tested marketing strategy for decades. Even in a recent 2020 research, promotional merchandise has been regarded as the most effective form of marketing that builds brand exposure, customer loyalty, and customer engagement.   In this article, we'll explore why free promotional merchandise works for brands, and how it can be used to create a lasting impression on customers....

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Custom Croc Charms / Custom Jibbitz for Crocs

Croc shoes are a popular footwear choice for many people due to their comfortable design and easy-to-wear style. One way to personalize and add a bit of fun to your crocs is by adding custom jibbitz. Jibbitz are small, decorative charms that can be attached to the holes in your crocs, adding some flair to your shoes....

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Are your Customers Asking how they can Recycle their old Uniforms?

Withers & Co, Biz Collection and Upparel have got together to provide a cost-effective way to recycle end-of-life corporate uniforms that is good for your business and goos for the planet! How does it work? 1. Courier your old Biz Collection uniforms that are no longer fit to wear to Withers & Co. 2. Withers & Co will get these to Upparel. 3....

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Official Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert Merch Revealed, Proceeds will Benefit Charities

Official Taylor Hawkins tribute merchandise will go on sale on September 2. The proceeds from the sale of the merchandise will go to Music Support and MusiCares.

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Support your Favourite NFL team with this Affordable Merch

Support your Favourite NFL team with affordable merch items like the Steelers Sport Outdoor Sun Bucket Boonie Hat.

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7-Eleven Goes Full E-Commerce With 7Collection Store

7-Eleven releases 7Collection store includes trucker hats, a vintage-looking "Where Car" T-shirt, bottle opener keychains, coffee-scented air fresheners and more!

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Serena Williams launches GOAT merch collection ahead of last US Open

S by Serena is Serena Williams’ fashion brand, have launched a new collection of clothes tagged with the word GOAT (Greatest of All Time), exclusive merch for the whole family.

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Food-Scented Candles Are the Latest Trend in Restaurant Merch

Brooklyn deli Junior's announced a collaboration with independent candle maker Literie to create distinctive food-scented candles for their restaurants and increasing in popularity.

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Hillary Clinton pushes 'But Her Emails' merch for fundraiser after Trump raided by FBI

The "But Her Emails" apparel parodies conservative Hilary Clinton detractors who constantly brought up her troubled email server.

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Straw Hat with Digital Print Under Brim

Custom Straw Hat with Custom Badge on the front, drawstring, nylon trim on the brim and elastic inside.

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Beavertown Brewery X Tottenham Hotspur Merch

Beavertown Brewery has just dropped it's brand new Tottenham Hotspur F.C. merch to celebrate Beavertown’s long-standing relationship with Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

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Lollapalooza Merch

Lollapalooza tees and merch in collaboration with Wrangler. Along with other festival merch for Austin City Limits, music lovers can stock up on the official Wrangler x Lollapalooza collection online.

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