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About Withers & Co.


Withers & Co. is New Zealand’s digital platform for branded merchandise. We offer you more for less.


We’ve brought together the best-in-breed merchandise producers in one digital platform so you don’t need to search all over for the best buys. You’ll always find them with us.

Withers & Co. is the evolution of old-school branded merchandise suppliers. We don’t try to own the supply chain - we act as an interface to connect you directly with the best producers making the products you want.  Using a digital platform allows us to offer you the best value for money branded merchandise in New Zealand.

We (Matt Withers and Janelle Cavanagh) have over 20 years’ experience in the industry and through our commitment to the best customer experience we’ve created lasting relationships with some of New Zealand’s biggest brands.

Withers & Co. brings digital disruption to a tired and staid industry, an industry that has been doing business the same way for 50 years and has failed to offer its customers better service and better deals.

Working as a digital marketplace has moved Withers & Co. away from the traditional bricks and mortar model. It means our clients get more value for less.

This digital platform is a market-leading service which enables our clients to receive faster quotes, faster and more accurate orders, and we’ve been able to reduce overhead costs as well as labour and pass those savings on to customers.

More for less – this concept is at the core of our value proposition.

A smaller client base than our competitors, so you get more attention.
We spend less on our overheads, so we can spend more money in the right places.
What are the right places?
  • Customer service 
  • Attending overseas trade shows to source the best goods 
  • Marking sure our clients know they are appreciated 
  • Developing new products and searching for new trends 
  • Visiting factories for quality control and to negotiate the best deals for our clients.

Our Multi Communication Model

We employ a multi channel communication model that allows us to service our clients the way they want to be serviced.
We love a face to face sit down, but we also know this might only need to happen once or twice a year.
Some of our clients like to do business over a beer or on the golf course, some are so busy email is best, others like to call us.
We don't impose our processes, we work with our customers on their terms.

You need to Engage with your clients.

Marketing to clients and prospects is no longer enough, you need to engage and there is no better way to engage than physically putting your brand in your customers hand, that is what branded merchandise does. Plus, it is the only form of adverting someone will thank you for.

We would love for you to contact us for your next branded merchandise project or if you would like to keep up to date with our lastest industry recommendations you can subscribe here.



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