This guy represents everything that Withers & Co. is - 

  • He is bespoke
  • He is cost effective
  • He was made on a low minimum order
  • He was made on a fast turn around time
  • He is innovative, creative, on trend, fun and something a bit different
  • He was made at an experienced and trusted factory
  • And finally he represents value for money

Our Value Proposition

Corporate buyers of merchandise and apparel (M&A) want value for money.

Businesses are fed up with buying “catalogue” branded merchandise from account managers with little experience. Rightly so, it makes them question what they are paying for – anyone can flick through a catalogue and pick out a pen.

This is the problem that Withers & Co. solves. Withers & Co. offers value through our creative merchandise & apparel expertise.

How is Withers & Co. functionally better? 

We save you time and money.

It is not our first rodeo, our experience means we can understand what you are trying to achieve and fit merchandise that meets that need without dozens of phone calls and emails.

Creativity is not inventing a new product, although we do that also, it is about manipulating the variables within our supply chain to meet our client’s needs. We have 20 years experience figuring out the best way to source M&A.

What is the economic benefit of dealing with Withers & Co.? 

Our digital business model means we are a more cost effective option than the traditional showroom/office/warehouse model.

The emotional connection - how do you feel about dealing with Withers & Co.? 

You will feel safe because you are dealing with experts.
 You will feel well informed because our digital platform gives you visibility through the order process.
 You will feel happy because you will receive you order on time.
 You will feel satisfied because you have received value for money. 

We love working on custom promotional product projects - just get in touch with us today.