Large Plush frog

Custom Made Plush Items (Soft Toys)

When customers think custom plush or soft toys, they more often than not think high minimum orders, and with most merchandise companies that is bang on, but not Withers & Co.

We can source plush items (soft toys) from only 1000pcs.

There is a wide variety of fabrics we can choose from, as a general rule the larger the item, the more it costs, the more complex the item, the more it costs, and the more you order, the lower the cost.

What you are best to do it send us a jpeg of what you would like made, and we can price it up, conversely, send us a jpeg of what you want made, and what you would like to pay per unit, then we can tell you how to make it for that price.

Withers & Co. MOQ: 1000pcs

Standard MOQ: 2500pcs

Withers & Co. Approx. Lead Time: 4-6 weeks

Standard Approx. Lead Time: 12-14 weeks

Our custom made plush soft toys make cute and fun promotional products or corporate gifts that can perfectly suit your brand image. Browse our other custom products and gifts, or get in touch with your ideas today and we'll send you a quote.