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Caricature Mugs or Glasses


Looking for a conference speaker gift, a corporate gift or something gift wise that is completely outside the box - while still presented in a nice box?

Try our New Zealand first Caricature Mug.

As simple and as genius as it sounds…you have someone special at your company that has achieved something special – 5/10/20 years with the company. Maybe you have a conference and you are looking for speaker gifts and have done the traditional bottle of wine to death. Try this bad boy.

The process is simple, send us a photo of your special person, and some background about this – for our Grant Elliot mug it was that he played cricket for the Black Caps, we take it from there.

$100 and 3 weeks later, you have a one off gift that couldn't be more personal if you tried.

Available from 1pc at a time, and includes graphic design, print, set up, the mug and delivery.