AIG RWC Merch and Apparel Withers and co Jacket v2

AIG Custom Apparel & Merchandise for Rugby World Cup 2019

This project was bigger than Ben Hur.

50,000 staff globally
172 Offices
80 countries 

“We would like a range of merchandise and apparel for the Rugby World Cup being held in Japan”.

We will put a range together based on a design from our adverting agency, we then need procurement and logistics for those items, potentially you need to send an order of up to 12 different items from 12 different factories to 172 different offices globally.

The catch is, the uptake could be minimal, so while you need to be able to supply us with 10,000pcs of each item in a short turn around, you also need to be able to supply that item if only 10pcs are ordered. 

You could be shipping to 80 countries.
You could be shipping to just New Zealand. 
You will need AIG Global to sign off on everything.
You will need All Blacks to sign off on everything.
You will need RWC to sign off on everything.
We will confirm all details are the very last moment we can, while still meeting the delivery time.
Oh, and what is the very last possible date we can confirm each item?
Oh and you are pitching against other companies so you need to be cost-effective.

Based in little ole New Zealand, opportunities to work on global projects don’t present themselves very often. You don’t get the reward without the challenge, so while this was a very challenging project it was equally rewarding, especially hearing how happy the team at AIG was.