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New Zealand B2B Corporate Gifting Tax Deductions: What You Need to Know

Understanding the tax implications surrounding corporate gifting is essential for B2B companies in New Zealand. This comprehensive guide will demystify the tax landscape surrounding corporate gifting, providing businesses with valuable insights into claimable expenses, necessary documentation, and the best practices for maximising deductions. Additionally, we will touch on the high-quality, tax-deductible gift options available through Withers & Co to cater to your business needs.

Navigating tax regulations can be complex, but with this guide, you'll be better equipped to make informed decisions about your B2B corporate gifting investments. A clear understanding of tax deductions for corporate gifts benefits both your company and your valued clients and partners. So, let's dive in and explore the world of B2B corporate gifting tax deductions in New Zealand with the help of Withers & Co.

1. Understanding Corporate Gifting Tax Deductions in New Zealand

In New Zealand, business expenses are generally tax-deductible if they are incurred in earning income or carrying on a business. This rule extends to the cost of corporate gifts that businesses provide to clients, partners, and stakeholders. However, the tax deductibility of corporate gifts can be influenced by various factors, such as the nature of the gift, the direct relationship to the beneficiary, and the annual limit on deductibility. To make informed decisions about your corporate gifting expenses, it's crucial to stay abreast of the relevant tax legislation in New Zealand and consult the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) for detailed guidance (source:

2. Identifying Tax Deductible Corporate Gifts

While many corporate gifts qualify for tax deductions, some exceptions exist. Broadly, corporate gifts become tax-deductible when they meet the following criteria:

  • The gift is related to the business or incurred during the course of carrying on the business.
  • The benefit is provided primarily to promote goodwill with business associates, in recognition of a commercial relationship.
  • The cost of the gift is reasonable and incurred for the purpose of generating income.

In general, practical gifts appropriate in a business context are more likely to qualify for deductions. These include items such as branded merchandise, office supplies, and client entertainment expenses. It's essential to strike a balance between choosing quality gifts that align with the recipient's preferences and adhering to tax regulations to maximise deductions.

3. Navigating Entertainment Expenses and Deductions

Entertainment expenses are a common category of corporate gifts that can be both tricky and subject to tax limitations. The IRD provides guidelines for determining the deductibility of various entertainment expenses, typically falling into two categories: fully deductible or 50% deductible (source:

  • Fully Deductible Entertainment Expenses: These include expenses, such as staff training or a sales promotion event targeting clients and customers.
  • 50% Deductible Entertainment Expenses: These cover expenses such as business dinners, parties, and client events where food and drinks are provided.

When selecting entertainment gifts for your clients and partners, consult the IRD guidelines to ensure you're aware of the deductibility limitations and make appropriate decisions for your business.

4. Documenting Your Corporate Gifting Expenses

Maintaining accurate records of your corporate gifting expenses is essential for claiming tax deductions in New Zealand. Ensure that you keep detailed information regarding the specific gifts provided, their cost, the business purpose, and the recipients. Additionally, hold onto invoices, receipts, and other transaction-related documents for a minimum of seven years, as required by New Zealand tax legislation (source:

Organising your records consistently and meticulously will streamline your tax filing process and ensure you're well-prepared for any audits by the IRD.

5. Selecting Tax-Deductible Gifts from Withers & Co

Withers & Co offers an extensive range of high-quality corporate gifts that cater to diverse needs and preferences. These include promotional products, branded merchandise, and custom giveaways suitable for tax-deductible business expenses. Examples of tax-deductible gifts from Withers & Co's catalogue include:

  • Branded Apparel: Customised clothing items, such as t-shirts, jackets, and caps, can promote your business while building strong client relationships.
  • Customised Office Supplies: Branded stationery, notebooks, and pens can serve as useful, tax-deductible corporate gifts that are both practical and attractive.
  • Technology Accessories: Investing in high-quality branded tech items, such as power banks, USB drives, and phone stands, can leave a lasting impression on clients while being claimable expenses.
  • Entertainment Expenses: As discussed earlier, some entertainment expenses can be eligible for deductions. Withers & Co can help you organise events and provide branded merchandise suitable for your business engagements.

Consulting with Withers & Co regarding your tax-deductible corporate gifting needs ensures access to a comprehensive range of options and expert guidance, helping you strike the perfect balance between creating goodwill and maximising tax deductions.

6. Seeking Professional Advice on Tax Deductions

Navigating the tax landscape surrounding corporate gifting can be challenging. While this guide provides a basic understanding of the principles, seeking advice from a tax professional can provide your business with tailored recommendations and ensure you are fully compliant with New Zealand tax regulations.

Being well-informed about tax deductions on corporate gifting is essential for maximising claimable expenses. By understanding the tax implications, selecting appropriate gifts from a reliable provider such as Withers & Co, and maintaining detailed documentation of expenses, your B2B company can confidently invest in corporate gifting while enjoying potential tax benefits.


Understanding the tax deductions related to corporate gifting is essential for B2B companies in New Zealand to make informed decisions and maximise tax benefits. With Withers & Co's extensive range of premium corporate gifts, tailored to diverse needs and preferences, your business can provide memorable, high-quality gifts while adhering to New Zealand tax regulations. By choosing the right gifts, documenting your expenses, and consulting professional advice, your business can successfully navigate the tax landscape surrounding corporate gifting.

Ready to elevate your B2B corporate gifting strategy while maximising tax deductions? Explore Withers & Co’s comprehensive catalogue of gifts and discuss your requirements with their team of experts for personalised guidance, recommendations, and support in selecting the perfect tax-deductible corporate gifts for your valued clients and partners.