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Cultivated Merchandise & Apparel Ranges

The phrase “cultivated” is a real buzzword that we are hearing a lot from our industry peers and suppliers. So what does the word cultivated mean with regard to branded merchandise and apparel I hear you ask…great question…

In our industry, a cultivated range of apparel and merchandise is when the client and the merchandise company sit down together and engineer an entire range in one project. This is opposed to working on a product by product or piecemeal basis which is the more common and historic way of building a merchandise and apparel range – its summer, let's do some sunglasses, its winter, let's do some beanies…

You will see from the image above an example of a cultivated range for the resort or tourism industry.

By working this way, and with the end consumer always forefront of mind we are able to build a range that has a common look, feel and theme – be in branding, materials, textures and products.

We will be posting some other examples of cultivated ranges in the future across different industries and market sectors.

Withers & Co can help you build a cultivated range of promotional merchandise and apparel.