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Archive: September, 2020

Withers & Co works hard to bring our clients new ideas, trends, and examples of how other companies are using promotional products, branded merchandise and apparel to take the from a company to a brand. These businesses know their merchandise and apparel is the only part of their brand their clients can touch, so it needs to be special. Our blog is a source for ideas and inspiration. Find something that resonates with you and Withers & Co can help you apply that concept to your merchandise and apparel here in New Zealand. 

Vayner sport christmas sweater withers and co

Tik Tok & Custom Christmas Sweaters

Interesting things spotted on Tik Tok last night. . . 1. Me. 2. Gary Vaynerchuck. 3. Gary Vaynerchuck in a Custom Christmas Sweater. How fast the social platforms change. . . If you are only starting to read our blogs you will just be learning what a fan we are of Custom Christmas Sweaters, but there is more information here....

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Hoodie Mask Combo1 withers and co

Hoodie + Mask Combo

The Future is Now! (In Jim Carrey voice from The Cable Guy). Hoodie + Mask Combo. Spotted on the socials of our friends at Axis Promo....

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California Avocado Commission Merchandise and Apparel Withers and Co

California Avocado Commission Highlights Buying Local with Merchandise Collection

With stiff competition and well priced Avocado’s Mexico is a major thread in the Avocado market in California - but you probably already knew that right! So much of the world has become focused on buying local, so in an attempt to take price out of the decision-making process the California Avocado Commission has curated a range of Custom Avocado Merchandise & Apparel....

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Scrubs Withers and co1

Scrubs with Flair

Working in the medical or retirement sector and each morning it is a struggle to get your 15 pieces of flair on? (Office Space, 1999 - if you haven't watched this movie, please make the time). New range out of the US, now available in NZ....

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Davis ogilvie notebook and pen withers and co1

Davis Ogilvie Cycle Based Merchandise

Davis Ogilvie Upcycled Notebooks and Recycled Pens. . . if it has the word cycle it in, Davis Ogilve will buy it. . . no jokes, just did some Cycle Tops for them as well! If anyone else can think of a merchandise or apparel item with the word Cycle it in, please let me know....

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ScreenShot2020 05 20at1 FitMaxWzgwMCw4MDBd.13.36PM 358x

Custom Block of Chocolate

Give the Gift of Chocolate! Strawberry & Champagne Block with custom packaging. 100grams of New Zealand made chocolate goodness. If you are looking for a NZ Made Corporate Gifts this Christmas and you are on a tight budget, this might just be the answer. Withers & Co is your source for NZ Made Corporate Gifts....

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Cake Thumb 2d363e44 ba9f 44ea 986a 2528429b1d84 892x FitMaxWzgwMCw4MDBd

Christmas Cake

I must be getting old as I can personally vouch for how delicious this Christmas Cake is. Funny back story. . . it is made from the original Crowe family recipe. . . yes Crowe, as in Martin Crowe, Jeff Crowe and Russell Crowe!! The Crowe Family Christmas Cake comes in two sizes, 18cm and 23cm, and it includes chocolate, pineapple, treacle, and port with stacks of fruit....

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southern alps honey withers and co

NZ Made Honey - NZ Made Gifts

Christmas Gifting Time is well and truly upon us team. For some businesses, it has been a tough year and they won't gift. For some businesses, it has been a tough year and they will double down on their gifting. Withers & Co isn't here to tell you how to run your business, we are here to help with you elevate your brand if you do decide to gift....

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Starbucks Merchandise Sales Withers and co

Starbucks Merchandise Sales Soar

Interesting timeline this: 2017, Starbucks closes online merchandise sales, only sells in-store. 2018, Starbucks cuts merchandise stock in-store by 30% to combat “Crowded Shelves”. 2019, COVID-19. 2020, Starbucks merchandise sales via 3rd party online retailers increases by 100%. Not even COVID-19 can stop merchandise sales!! Source: Brendan Menapace...

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IMG 2521

Boys Get Paid 1000 Free Face Masks

Boys Get Paid Custom Face Masks heading out the door Luke Kemeys (CA). The lads put 1000 of these bad boys up on the merchandise site FREE to their members, all 1000 gone in less than 24 hours. . . Talk about brand exposure. Talk about having your brand on everyone's lips! Check out the Boys Get Paid full merchandise range here.  ...

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