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Archive: June, 2020

Withers & Co works hard to bring our clients new ideas, trends, and examples of how other companies are using promotional products, branded merchandise and apparel to take the from a company to a brand. These businesses know their merchandise and apparel is the only part of their brand their clients can touch, so it needs to be special. Our blog is a source for ideas and inspiration. Find something that resonates with you and Withers & Co can help you apply that concept to your merchandise and apparel here in New Zealand. 

custom bluetooth speaker withers and co ScaleWidthWzEyMDBd

Custom Bluetooth Speaker

This is one of those moments when custom merchandise and one of the most popular merchandise items on the planet combine, and the result is something that will be pretty dam cool. Imagine your logo, your mascot, your CEO, or your hero product as a Bluetooth Speaker - boom! Minimum orders on this one aren't small team, so only those with big budgets need to apply....

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Under Armour tries to say See You Later to UCLA

Will be interesting watching this space. . . if Under Armour manages to get out of this apparel deal I am sure other apparel companies will be using that as a prescient to get out of similar deals. . . Under Armour is attempting to terminate its 15-year, $280 million deal with UCLA. The company cited UCLA’s inability to provide marketing benefits required by the contract....

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dirty dive south withers and co print on demand apparel 1

Dirty South Dive Print on Demand Apparel

Purpose The dive trips the lads at Dirty South Dive provide are something else, a great way to spend time with your mates and create memories that will last a lifetime.  The boys found that a lot of their punters wanted a little something to remember this unique experience, so jumped on the merchandise bandwagon....

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Withers and co joseph parker apparel 3

Throwback Thursday - The champ is here! Joseph Parker Merchandise & Apparel Range.

Trying to think when, maybe 2018 Withers and Co started working with Joe and his team bringing some freshness, professionalism and automation to his merchandise and apparel range. Not long after Joe won his first world title…coincidence…we will let you decide if they two are linked. Back then we said: “When you are the best in the world (Joe), you partner with the best (Withers & Co)”....

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smoke house custom box withers and co

Smokehouse Keeps Things Unique and Elevated with Custom Box

Having sent dinners home with the traditional Styrofoam clamshell in a plastic bag for years, it became apparent to Rick's Smokehouse owner that that just wouldn't do as he expanded into doing more corporate lunches, golf outings, and other private events. A custom background of hickory wood, some flames licking up the side of the box. . ....

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carole baskin face masks withers and co

Carole Baskin Face Masks

Killed her husband, whacked him...

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New Leaf interiors custom box withers and co

New Leaf Interiors Custom Boxes

In the past, New Leaf Interiors would drop off samples of fabric, granite, tile and other materials to clients loose, this delivery method didn’t leave a strong impression. And it contributed to samples getting damaged or lost along the way. Looking for a solution that would enhance the client experience and the New Leaf brand they decided to add the element of a custom-designed box....

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anthony rizzo cubs bobble head withers and co

How Bobbleheads Became Baseball's Secret Weapon to Boost Attendance

Throughout the course of a baseball season, MLB teams give away a tonne of promotional products at select games: From replica championship rings, to T-shirts and jerseys, to tote bags, magnets and garden gnomes. If you can name it, a baseball team has probably given it away. But perhaps one of the most ubiquitous, and sought after, tchotchkes is the bobblehead....

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The Luxe Hood Custom Apparel Withers and Co ScaleWidthWzEyMDBd

Custom Apparel - The Luxe Hood

Created from luxe fleece cotton, this full-zip hood is built with style and superior attention to detail. The Luxe Hood is perfect for custom team uniforms or corporate apparel - for the discerning people that don't want just another AS Colour hoodie. With over 50 colours to choose from, your custom apparel will be delivered within 6 weeks....

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lady gaga branded jock strap withers and co

Lady Gaga Is Using a Pink Branded Jockstrap to Merchandise-Bundle Her Way to a No. 1 Album

If you want a No. 1 Album, merchandise is now the key....

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