Peaks And Valleys Candle Sample Parks Project 1

US National Park Scented Candles

Like everyone we have inspirational social media accounts we follow, might be companies in our industry overseas, but especially companies that are doing their merchandise really well. Someone once said "no one has a license on ideas", and new ideas is something we are always on the lookout for.

Ideas come in all different shapes and forms, and we really like this one...a candle...yeah OK, nice idea.
A Custom Branded Candle...better.
A Custom Scent Candle...OK now we are talking, you have our attention.
A Custom Scented Candle from National Park you have visited when purchased so when you light it at home the scent brings back all the memories of that holiday, being in the park, time spent with family and friends, adventures, memories...HOME RUN.

This is a perfect example of how good merchandise can be.