Withers and co Christmas Sweater 2020

Tis the Season (to Prepare) to be Merry - New Christmas Sweater on the Way!

Tis the Season (to Prepare) to be Merry

We are looking to do another run of Christmas Sweaters, ideally, we get the order into the factory over the next couple weeks so we have the finished product out to anyone that orders at the start of December so you can make the most of them.

Worst case scenario they will be $70 each, which includes courier to your home and GST. The more that are ordered the cheaper they will get (per unit).

$70 isn’t cheap, but us four (Janelle, Matt, Lily and Zara) have got 3 years wear out of our current ones and they are still going strong, so think of it as $20 a year! haha

If you are interested in getting some, get in touch.

Size Chart and design attached.