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Thursday Thought - 27 Sep



In this video we explain the process of ordering promotional products direct from Asia in just over 1 minute. Ordering direct from Asia can be complicated but dealing with a branded merchandise partner who has processes in place it can be made simple.
Todays topic: How does off shore ordering work?
So it really starts with your need for branded merchandise.
You would send through a brief to your merchandise partner with all or any of the following details:
  • Quantity
  • Price you'd like to hit
  • The Logo that you would like branded
  • Date that is is required
Your business partner will work with their pre-selected factories, where aspects like price, sample, mass production and delivery times will be negotiated.
Once you are happy with the quote your order and production process is now in your merchandise partners hands.

You will receive a proof to approve. A pre-production sample is then made for you also to approve and then mass production begins. Your order is produced and inspected, your shipment is then dispatched, arriving to you in time for your event.

The images you have seen in this video are on this Molekine notebook we have created to outline our workflow process so if you would like one, just flick us an email, we’d like to share how we can get creative with your branded merchandise