Withers and Co Thursday Thought Direct Sourcing From Asia

Thursday Thought - 22 Sep

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Top 3 things you need to know when direct sourcing from Asia.
No 1 – Factory Selection
Ideally you or your business partners have a working relationship with the factory
Your factory match your needs, staff size, location, min order all need to marry up to your requirements
Factory audits can really help.
Two – Quality Control
Quality control is a day long conversation
Put simply, your order has to be inspected and approved, either in line or post product before shipping.
While this seems simple, this is a massively corrupt
Component of direct sourcing.
Factories pay inspectors too approve orders so they get paid.
The key is experience and relationships.
Which brings me to the final, and most important point – experience.
Now we all book our own travel – Auckland to Shanghai – click, pay, get on the plane, easy as.
Do you think you have the experience to fix the brakes on your car?
Or would you prefer a professional with years of experience looks after the things that are important to you.
Your brand is keen to your success and needs to be in experienced hands.
If you want to take advantage of the benefits of direct sourcing contact Withers & Co., we are experts.