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Thursday Thought - 20 October



# 1 Creativity
With sublimation print colours are no longer a barrier.
You move away from apply a logo to a garment, to now designing the garment from scratch.

#2 Large Product Range
Large number of garments -
And the uniform for pretty Much every sport you can think of.
The benefit of this is we can create you a matching range – you playing top and Hoodie can have the exact same design.

#3 The minimum order is low
The minimum order is only 6pcs, and delivery takes 2 weeks

#4 Price
When compared to making the same garment locally, you cant be sublimation on price

Our Tips
Don’t glance over the sizing chart every factory will be different, so get the tape Measure out and do your homework
With a sublimated order you will be proofed every single garment, so check names Numbers etc carefully
And as always, know your factory well, experience is key!

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of ordering sublimated apparel contact Withers & Co., we are the experts.