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The Rise of Art Gallery and Museum Merchandise

By the looks of it 2018 is the year of Art Gallery and Museum merchandise, and not by halves, it is everywhere!

You could wake up and remove your Louise Bourgeois eye mask, take a swig from your Damien Hirst coffee cup, then you check your Ai Weiwei-covered phone before pulling on your Van Gogh leggings. Tea sets, tote bags, dinner trays, model figures, swear boxes, snow globes and even room spray: artist merchandise has moved far beyond the kitsch of Mona Lisa tea towels.

While selling artwork based merchandise isn't new - Andy Warhol was the first, 2018 has been this market sector boom. Tate Enterprises – which covers its shop, cafe and publishing wing – brought in £2.8m in profit in the 2016-17 financial year.

So many of these items can be source from low min order runs, so if you would like to explore this further, contact Withers & Co for all your art gallery merchandise and museum merchandise.

Sourced from Jenny Stevens The Guardian.

Images below:
Top left - Francis Bacon Cushion £33
Top right - Louise Bourgeois eye mask £28
Bottom left - Perry’s silk scarf for Tate Modern, on sale for £85
Bottom right - Nan Goldin hoodie … made by Supreme