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Sports Collectables / Sport Memorabilia

If you follow Gary Vee this won’t be news to you, but sports memorabilia is blowing up, and just like share trading platform Stake, you can now buy percentages of high-value sports memorabilia…I am thinking I might have to chip up!

Platforms that allow users to invest in sports memorabilia are on a hot streak. Yesterday, Rally Rd. announced a new $17 million investment round, building on a month that saw Collectable and Alt — two other fractional investment platforms — both launch.

All the platforms allow users to buy shares of sports memorabilia, ranging from a 1953 Mickey Mantle baseball card to a baseball bat owned by Babe Ruth. The trend isn’t limited to sports as platforms for art and wine have also emerged.

The alternative assets do pose some liquidity questions, but the pandemic has created a new focus on sports memorabilia. Sports cards specifically have become a hot seller on eBay — with sales from March to May 92% higher than the last three months of 2019.

Sports Memorabilia Value Surge:
175% — 12-year ROI on the PWCC 500 Index of trading card value
$3.9 Million — Record-setting sale by a Mike Trout rookie card
$1.8 Million — Sale this summer of a LeBron James rookie card

Source: Front Office Sports.