10 Most Valuable 1975 Topps Baseball Cards 1

Some Trading Card Facts for ya

In 2021 Fanatics’ acquired Topps Trading Cards for roughly $500 million

At the same time Fanatics Trading Cards’ October 2021 valuation was $10.4 billion)

Amazon invested in collectables marketplace Dibbs.

July 2021, Goldin Auctions was sold to Collectors Holdings, a group co-owned by New York Mets owner Steve Cohen. Terms were not disclosed, but one estimate ballparked the price at over $200 million.

Goldin’s platform hosted $27 million in transactions in 2019
$100 million in 2020
$330 million in 2021
And projects $500 million in 2022

When I put my merch glasses on and read the tea leaves they say a few things…
One, why are we still not producing Trading Cards on a regular basis in New Zealand?
Two, is the merch your sporting organisation producing collectable worthy?