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Ryman Healthcare Bespoke Designer Bottles

The crew at Ryman Healthcare have spent the first quarter of 2021 tripping around New Zealand sponsoring the New Zealand House & Garden Tour. This partnership was an opportunity to engage create some brand awareness within a key audience for them.

Meaningful engagement was the objective, focusing on establishing a positive interaction with their brand and staff with those with like-minded interests.

These Custom Glass Drink Bottles fitted into this objective perfectly as they helped solve a problem for attendees on the day and left a lasting impression. The stand looked amazing and was set up for punters to grab a drink bottle and fill it with their chosen water infusion.

The branding on the bottle was subtle, more focused on a contemporary pattern that evokes a reaction rather than a single large logo. 

Feedback has overwhelmingly positive and, that the team can recall, this is the first time Ryman branded merchandise has been in hot demand with multiple emails and enquiries through their website from people asking where they can get their hands on them.

We look forward to bringing next year’s design to life for them. A job well done.