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Pro Footballer's old High School Hoodie blows up, Raising $100,000 for the school!

Bit of a translation for New Zealand viewers, Josh Allen is a professional American Football player, playing for the Buffalo Bills.

A couple of weeks back he showed up to a game wearing a hoodie from Firebaugh High School, his old high school. The hoodie blew up on Bills social media, with fans clamouring for a way to buy one for themselves. That prompted Firebaugh to reissue the out-of-print design, 
making it available as a limited release

The results...
More than 4,600 hoodies (2,500 on the first day alone)
Funds raised $90,000.
Being the all-around nice guy that he is, Josh Allen threw in $10,000 personally, bringing the total to $100,000.

Source: Sean Norris