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Pop-Up Stores - the way to Sell Music Merchandise

The music industry has probably seen more disruption than most over the last 10 years, and one trend that emerged but is now turning into a business staple is Merchandise Pop-Up Shops.

Last year we showed you the limited edition range Justin Timberlake put together for his Man of the Woods album, it seems every man and his dog is on the bandwagon now.

Ed Sheeran has just done a series of Pop-up Shops all over the US, and even Madona is in on the act! In addition to the Pop-up Shops artists are now bundling concert ticket sales with merchandise or Pop-up Shop merchandise with album sales, either way, merchandise is now more than ever a key element in an artist income.

Certainly a business process Withers & Co feels the music industry in New Zealand should be looking at.