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New Withers & Co Merch - Branded Moleskine Notebooks

Merch sporting the new logo has been rolling in over the last week or so... the first cab off the rank - Branded Moleskine Notebooks.

Why a Branded Moleskine Notebook I heard you ask...a number of reasons...

1. You might not know it but little ole Withers & Co is one of the biggest sellers of Moleskine in New Zealand.
2. It is a $30-40 gift which is getting up there for a lot of businesses, but when we look at lifetime value, we feel $30 to $40 is cheap.
3. Moleskine has a wow factor.
4. We can add a belly band which we kept simple, but highlights to our clients increased branded possibilities.
5. People use Notebooks, every day, it is a useful item.
6. Our competitors give clients and prospects $5 Notebooks.
7. Our branding is debossed, so present, but subtle, but not so much that it will not get used because the Notebook has a massive logo splashed on it.

It might look like a simple Notebook, but it says so much.

It shows the value we place on our brand, the value we place on our time, and the value we place on our clients.

You can look at that notebook and know almost immediately if we are your people.