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New Ideas from Europe

January is sourcing season in Europe, and Withers & Co wasn't able to get over to Europe (this year...) but we did have our spies out in force, and have a collection of new items that are proving super popular in Europe.

1. Custom Shape Mints - When has having fresh breathe ever been out of fashion!?

2. Brand-able smoke alarms - We have all seen the ads on TV about what happens when you don't have some alarms, so this is just a straight up good idea.

3. A Biodegradable Poncho - One of the hottest topics this Summer festival season has been how eco-friendly each festival is or isn't and what they are doing to limit their environmental foot print. A Biodegradable Poncho is another step in the right direction on that front.

4. A Magnet that sits on your tool belt - we wanted at least one crazy fun product in the range haha.

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