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Moleskine High-End Gifts

From its humble beginnings at Modo & Modo a small Milanese publisher back in 1994, Moleskine has gone from strength to strength and emerged as a fashionable brand in the competitive notebook industry. The Moleskine name has long been synonymous with high-end gifting, and their products are renowned the world over for their long-lasting durability and quality craftsmanship.

While the notebook is still their signature product, Moleskine has branched out over the years and now produce a range of complementary accessories, including planners, bags, writing tools and their revolutionary Moleskine Smart Writing System that allows you to take physical notes on actual paper with a special pen and sync this to your phone or tablet.

What Makes Moleskine So Special?

From the very beginning, Moleskine has always taken great pride in its production of quality products, from its environmentally friendly production right through to the suppliers it chooses to work with. As a result, Moleskine notebooks appeal to the high-end customer who values quality, aesthetics and attention to detail. Five of the top reasons why people love Moleskine notebooks are:

  1. Quality Paper. From the texture and feel of the paper to its durability – the quality paper is one of the top reasons why people buy Moleskine notebooks
  2. Good Size Range. There are a wide variety of sizes available, from pocket sized notebooks through to larger A3 size sketch pads.
  3. It’s All In The Detail. Moleskine notebooks are famous for the little finishing touches that really make them feel special. Some examples are; the handy rear storage pocket, elastic page holder, the’ In case of loss’ notice printed in the front, detachable tearaway rear pages, and bookmark ribbon just to name a few!
  4. Customisation. Most of Moleskine’s notebooks are able to be branded with company logos, custom artwork or promotional material, making them an excellent choice for the corporate gifting market.
  5. Durability. Known for their hardwearing interiors and exteriors, Moleskine notebooks last longer than your average notebook. Ink does not run, and the durable covers will protect your work for many years to come.

Why Do They Call It Moleskine?

As the story goes, the inspiration for the name Moleskine was derived from early comparisons to the age-old pocket-sized notebooks of early 19th century Paris that were bound with black oilcloth. This oilcloth and the common use of leather book covers at the time appeared to bear a resemblance to a hardwearing cotton material with a brushed surface commonly used in France which had a similar feel to that of a “mole’s skin”.

Following on in these footsteps, Italian company Modo & Modo were looking for a product that spoke of freedom and adventure, and with the help of Maria Sebregondi the Moleskine notebook was born! Moleskine had found its niche – the simple, well-crafted notebook with old fashioned ribbon bookmark, handy elastic page holder and expandable rear pocket.

Does Moleskine Use Real Leather?

The majority of Moleskine notebooks and products are not manufactured from leather or any kind of mole or other animals. The word Moleskine was a brand name that references the French interpretation fabric with a brushed surface similar to the feel of a mole’s skin. However, a small number of ‘special series’ notebooks are available with an Italian leather cover.

Which Moleskine Product Is Best For Your Next Marketing Promotion?

Moleskine can be a powerful communication tool within the corporate gifting arena, helping tell your corporate story, reinforce business values, and strengthen brand positioning. While notebooks are their signature product, Moleskine also offers various other customisable products; see below for information to help you decide which one is right for your business.

1. Customisable Moleskine Notebooks

The star of the product range, Moleskine notebooks, are available in various sizes and colours, layouts, and hardcover and softcover options. They are an excellent choice for top-quality promotional products and distinctive high-end corporate gifts. Choose the size, colour, and style that best fits your corporate branding image and enjoy the benefits these high-end business gifts will bring to your business. 

Moleskine Notebook Sizes Include:

  • XS - 6.5x10.5 cm
  • Pocket - 9x14 cm
  • Medium - 11.5x17.5 cm
  • Large - 13x21 cm
  • Square - 19x19 cm
  • XL - 19x25 cm
  • XXL - 21.59x27.94 cm
  • A4 - 21x29.7 cm
  • A3 - 29.7x42 cm
  • And 23X31 cm

Moleskine Notebooks are available in the following colours:

Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Kraft Brown, Hydrangea Blue, Lemon Green, Violet, White, Pink, Orange, Reef Blue, Red, Yellow. And there are some various limited-edition art decorated covers available.

Moleskine Notebook Page Layout Options:

Dotted, Double (one blank, one ruled), Plain, Squared and Ruled.

2. Personalised Moleskine Planners

These planners come in 12 and 18 month formats with pages laid out daily or weekly and are the perfect way to keep track of your weekly and monthly meetings, appointments, and all those other things that fill up your day. Planners make a stylish gift that has the added bonus of being practical and useful on a daily basis.

Moleskine Planners are available in the following sizes:

  • Pocket 9x14 cm
  • Large 13x21 cm
  • XL 19x25 cm
  • A4 21x29.7 cm

Moleskine Planners are available in the following colours:

Black, Blue, Green, Hydrangea Blue, Lemon Green, Pink, Red and Yellow, as well as some limited edition cover art options.

3. Pens And Pencils, Accessories and Refills

Moleskine also provides an array of pens, pencil and stylish accessories that pair perfectly with their notebooks and planners if you wish to make your gift into a high-end package deal. The addition of these items can take that corporate gift to the next level!

  • Ballpoint pens
  • Watercolour Pencils
  • Click pencils
  • Erasers
  • Pencil Sharpeners
  • Drawing Pencil sets
  • Highlighters

4. Moleskine Bags

Much like their approach to notebooks, Moleskine bags ooze style, sophistication and practicality. The range covers a good selection of styles, with colours including black, blue, green, grey, white, red, and yellow.

Moleskine Bag products Include:

  • Backpacks
  • Laptop/Device Bags
  • Tote Bags
  • Hardshell Luggage Bags
  • Crossbody Bags
  • Briefcases
  • And luggage tags

5. The Moleskine Smart Writing System

The Smart Writing System combines the enjoyment of writing in your notebook or journal with the technology of having it automatically be recorded on your smartphone or device. This innovative system uses specially designed paper and pen with the aid of the Smart Writing System App, which is available on Android and iOS devices.

Once the notes are in the App, you can make changes to the colours and text. The App also has the ability to transcribe your notes into typed text in various different languages. The Smart Writing System is available in plain, ruled or dotted Smart Notebooks and a basic 12 month Smart Planner.

How To Order Customized Moleskine Products

A Moleskine notebook or planner with your business logo is the perfect corporate gift, employee Christmas gift or thank you gift for clients. Associating your brand with the Moleskine brand means the recipient will know you’ve given them something of value and prestige. Thus, instantly communicating that you value the receiver and their contribution, and at the same time asserting your brand value.

Whether you choose a notebook or planner, the customisation process is the same. From the website, you have the choice of adding two lines to the cover, plus a small graphic from the list, or you can add a series of three letters. There is also the option to upload your own logo and graphics if you get in contact with your supplier.

To discuss branding options for Moleskine products, get in touch with New Zealand’s largest distributor of Moleskine Notebooks; Withers & Co. – we are happy to help find the perfect high-end corporate gifting solution for you!