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Metallica Collab With ‘Stranger Things’ for New Hellfire Club Merch

Don't you long to be a member of the "Hellfire Club"? Eddie Munson, a Metallica fan, has emerged as the series' standout character from Season 4 of Netflix's Stranger Things, and his "Hellfire Club" may soon expand dramatically as Metallica and Stranger Things have partnered to create exclusive merchandise.

Metallica declares when presenting the new merchandise line, "Eddie, this one's for you." "The Hellfire Club is recruiting "lost sheep" and outsiders to join us for our most metal meeting yet. Do you believe you possess the necessary skills? then put on your gear."

The "Hellfire Club" merchandise available to fans includes a black hoodie, a white jersey with black sleeves, and a black T-shirt. Additionally, you can purchase these Metallica Hellfire Club goods through their Probity Merch UK store, Netflix, or the Metallica website.