Interesting Take on the New Zealand Olympic Uniform

An interesting opinion piece in the Herald today on the New Zealand Olympic uniform.

From my point of view, as someone in the apparel industry and someone who has represented New Zealand at sports (all be it masters grades lol) I must agree with Jenni in that 99% of the time NZ kit is very underwhelming.

I am sure there is a tonne of complexities in developing and delivering this program - especially the late announcement of athletes, but I do feel a capsule wardrobe approach with a few "hero" items could really make a difference.

I suspect the budget isn't massive either, but that in itself makes me think about the NZ mindset when it comes to decisions like uniform compared to Jenni's comments on the Harvard University Study on the positive impact on performance and mindset dressing well has.

Read the article here.


Amended, just saw this on Tik Tok - Aussie Olympic Team with Custom Dunlop Volleys and branded Hard Cover Suit Case - how good.