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Hong Kong 2024

This trip to Hong Kong was a bit of a hit and run mission, 4 days, 3 nights, but hard and fast is our middle name at Withers & Co.

We have been mixing things up with where we stay the last few trips, this time going for TUVE Hotel in Causeway Bay.

More of a residential area so a few more cool Mum & Pa stores, local restaurants, a local Brewery which Matt & Janelle sampled of course, and lots of coffee shops. The coffee scene is something that has really come along. It wasn’t that long ago that Starbucks was as good as it got, now there is a plethora of cool kid coffee shops accompanied by millennials wearing Adidas Sambas and a Tote Bag over the shoulder.

On the last night we caught the always scenic Star Ferry over to then Mainland, got a spot on the Harbour to watch the famous Light Show and then stumbled upon a 3D flower show which was very cool.

The most dangerous discovery of the trip was Uni Qlo - I think Janelle spent more time in there than she did at the trade show! I will tell what wasn’t dangerous, Lang Qui Fong, with most of the expats run out of town with the schools closing this is one area that is a shadow of it’s former self. 

On the last day we had a night flight out of Hong Kong so decided to hit Disneyland with the girls, and it didn’t disappoint. We have been to Hong Kong Disneyland before, albeit terribly hungover, so this trip made for some more pleasant memories! It was hot for sure, but queues for the rides were reasonable and the newly opened Frozen are was cool. It was Jess’s first time on a roller coaster and safe to say she is an adrenaline junkie now! The one let down ironically was the merch, nothing to write home about, I thought there might have been more Star Wars merch, no PJ’s and didn’t feel like anything teenagers would like.

Two days at the trade show and we found some cool stuff, but the show was much smaller than in the past, and a lot fewer attendees. The highlight of the trip though having Kathrene & Jess along for the ride (and 100s of aisles) with us too.