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Eco Apparel

Through the use of organic cotton (approx 60,000 pounds of the organic cotton used annually in place of conventional cotton), Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester (Approximately 1.8 Million plastic bottles recycled annually used in the Alternative-Eco fabrics), Low-Impact Dyes (biodegradable fabric softeners and washes with reclaimed water), and Eco-Friendly Packaging (2,100 trees, 400 cubic yards of landfill, 860,000 gallons of water and 120 tonnes of CO2 conserved annually) this apparel brand has to be the most sustainable and most environmental concise brand in the world.

If you are a New Zealand based company that is serious about reducing the impact your company has on the planet, this apparel range is something you should be speaking to Withers & Co about.

Withers and co is your source for environmentally friendly apparel.