Budweiser Candle withers and co1

Dreaming of a Tailgate

The American tradition of Tailgating is something we are yet to experience, it is on the To-do list for sure, but as this COVID world lurches into year 3 and it is looking more and more like international travel for New Zealanders is a thing of the past, the closest we are going to get to a Tailgate is this Scented Candle!

For this candle, Bud Light teamed up with Homesick, a company that makes candles designed to invoke nostalgic feelings through scent.

This particular scent reportedly includes notes of lawn chairs, hops, fresh jersey, grass, bleachers, dried face paint, cedar, "ol’ pigskin" and smoked charcoal. So, it covers pretty much everything from having a catch in the lot and grilling some pre-game snacks to finally making it into the game.

Source: Brendan Menapace.