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Custom Tins in 2020

Here at Withers & Co, we have blogged on this subject a few times now, and it is something we get a lot of website enquiries regarding.

Sourcing Custom Tins is a bit of a moving feast but here is an update as of the date of this blog so you can know what to expect in terms of minimum orders and delivery time.  Pricing is available from us, just flick Janelle or Matt an email.

There are a few different ways you can brand tins - you can do a silkscreen, which is a simple 1-2 colour print, you can do a concave or convex logo, New Zealanders probably know it as debossed, you can apply a sticker or label, or you can do a full-colour digital print.

Most people that come to us are looking for a full-colour digital print, as they want something that really stands out, makes an impact, and has a high perceived value, full-colour digital achieves this.

Tins like the ones pictured in this blog are available from 500pcs, but the are most cost-effective on 1,000pcs. The sampling process will take 20 days, mass production 25 days and sea freight 30 days, so all up 3 months.

If you have a large budget the world is your oyster, but if your budget and/or order quantity is on the small side share as much information with us as you can and we will show you want can be achieved with your budget.

Withers and Co is your best source for custom tins NZ wide.