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Custom Jewellery

Withers & Co. can help you create a one of a kind promotional product or corporate gift with custom made jewellery. 

We have a huge range of items we can help you source - promotional necklaces, rings, earrings, charm bracelets, pendants, exquisite lapel pins, resin bangles, key chains, phone charms, brooches, bag charms, cufflinks, keyrings, clothing chains, belts and more.

Minimum orders are as low as 100pcs, pricing is just unreal, so the perceived value in this type of order is what so many clients are looking for.

Suitable for not-for-profit programmes, corporate events, corporate gifts fundraising, commercial promotions, leavers gifts or anyone that is looking to do something unique.

Contact Withers & Co. with your idea and a copy of your logo, and we can have your pricing back within 48 hours. We love creating custom promotional products and corporate gifts; just tell us what you need.