merchandise range for retail

Cultivated Merchandise and Apparel Ranges 1/3 - Retail


The first of a three part series illustrating how a range of branded merchandise can be put together.

On the D-Low; we are working on a range very similar to the below at the moment for a large retail/tourism base.

Not every retail company that is interested in a merchandise range is going to make money off it - sorry bout it...most of the time it is going to be about building brand awareness, but trust me, there will be some super fans out there that want to rock your gear.

For those that can make money off their merchandise the key is stock control, no point selling 10K worth of stock if at the end of the year you have 20K of stock in a warehouse - check out our Print on Demand offering.

For a restaurant like Smoking BBQ apparel and headwear are automatic, as they can be done on short runs, and pricing is still OK. Add in an apron, then do up some of the restaurants own sauces. Tote Bags are great as everyone is using them with the ban on plastics bags about to come into force.