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Collectable Lanyards

Since the dawn of the conference, we have all used lanyards, I actually struggle to put a number on how many I have sold in my lifetime, but what also dawned on me over the weekend is that there haven't been that many orders of lanyards that have been memorable.

One that did spring to mind was an order for New Zealand Cricket for the first-ever Chappell-Hadlee Trophy game here in New Zealand. Yeah it was a nice lanyard, soft around the neck, cell phone loop, and the sublimated branding really looked great, but what had it so great was the event itself. The series has some amazing cricket. I was at the game at Jade Stadium in Christchurch, loved every minute of it (and every beer haha), I still have that lanyard in the attic, and it went from being a lanyard to a collectable.

I think there is a great opportunity with a "run of the mill" item like a lanyard for it to be totally reinvented and to become a collectable item...with the right design...

What would be some events you would attend that you would keep your lanyard...Super Bowl, Formula One...what else?