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City Skyline Socks

Scrolling the internet late last week looking for brand merchandise content I came across of video of Riley Goodman and Jake Director they are the two fellas that started Strideline. It was a hour long video and as always I picked up a couple nuggets of information I really liked.

One point that caught my attention was how years ago they made City Skyline Socks as a stepping stone into the licensing space. If you have read previous blogs on this site you will know that I am particularly frustrated with some of the merchandise and apparel offering in New Zealand for various reasons, mainly lack of creativity and lack of differentiation.

Well here is an item that every store in New Zealand that is selling merchandise can do, the min order is only 30 pairs, and the design can be completely custom to where you can be the Auckland Skyline, it could be a Queenstown scenic image, it could be a landscape or even one of that black and white city maps that are so popular.

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