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Christmas Gift Ideas

Let’s start at the end
How are your customers & staff feeling right now after this crazy year?
What do your customers & staff really need right now?

We will tell you.
Customers & staff feel uncertain.
Customers & Staff want security.
To be perfectly honest, they probably would’t say no to a hug!!

This Christmas you have an opportunity to make your customers & staff feel special, to comfort them.

The way to do that is not to focus on budget or quantities when thinking about your gifts, our focus needs to be on emotions needs and we can tap into those by focusing on our senses, what a product feels like, the touch, the smell, the taste, all of these “things” (need a better word) can bring comfort to your customers & staff.

Smell Like Christmas

Check out these Lyttelton Lights candles in a range of different scents.
Withers & Co would supply these with a custom cardboard sleeve, so they are a branded candle or branded candle.

Tastes Like Christmas

It wouldn’t be a Christmas Gift Idea list without a Christmas Cake! 

Aud's famous fruitcakes made from the original Crowe family recipe. It includes chocolate, pineapple, treacle, and port with stacks of fruit.

Delicious served cold on those hot summer days — you can store your cake in the fridge or the freezer. It also cuts very well when chilled. It just gets better with age!

Serve warm as a dessert with ice cream, custard or cream.

This year we also have two different types of Branded Chocolate.

And finally we have some NZ Made Honey for you. Sourced from Beech forest in the sub-alpine region from Mount Hutt to Staveley, Mid Canterbury. Beech Honeydew is dark honey with rich malt and woody flavours. Studies have shown that New Zealand Beech Honeydew has one of the highest levels of antioxidants of all New Zealand honeys.

Your own custom label included.
Min order 50pcs.

Looking for Quality Christmas Gift Ideas this Year?

Stormtech all the way team! It is the only industry brand that comes with a 3 year warranty, even once the garment has been branded, you can look at Branded Stormtech T-Shirt, Branded Stormtech Hoodys, Branded Stormtech Cooler Bags, or Branded Stormtech Luggage.

Little Luxuries have become so much more important, the touch of something is so important, we are not taking it for granted any more, check out these recommendations for a “touch” or luxury this Christmas.

1. Oslo Luxury Blanket, and nice simple design, less is the new luxe, and so soft to the touch.

2. Kenai Beanie, the Pom Pom on top of this Beanie really stands out.

3. Mandala Beach Towel that the tassels on the end for that Luxe look.

4. Santorini Beach Towel, this guy also has the tassels.

5. Bamboo Flask that has the grained finish you can feel is the texture.

For more ideas make contact with either Matt or Janelle.