Withers and Co Breaking new Ground

Breaking New Ground

Here I am in the kitchen with Janelle inbetween lunch and our laptops on a Wednesday afternoon discussing how we're going to do this blog. Those who know me know I wouldn’t use ten words if one would do, so blogging is a little out of character but I’ve made a lot of changes in my life, so what’s one more, right?

You are reading this most likely because you know either Janelle or I. Most likely a friend, a friend of a friend, family, or know us through doing business together.

But what you all have in common is if you’re reading this you are interested (or nosy haha) in what we / Withers & Co. are up too. 

Through this blog we want to link those interested to the parts of our lives that they don’t get to see whilst sharing some good tips from our experiences.

We all know lots of different people, but each individual only knows a version of us. Isn’t it funny how someone in your life, say your Mum for example, has known you your entire life, yet has never seen you at work? Or your friends on the sports field see you training each week, yet never see you as a parent? 

One thing you might not know about Janelle or I is that we like bullet points: 

  • We’re a start-up – Withers & Co. 
  • We’re a couple.
  • We’re driven to create a lifestyle.

The lifestyle we want is to bring all of our passions together:

  • Our business
  • Working hard
  • Family & friends
  • Travel
  • Sport
  • Socialising
  • Eating out
  • Learning

We will post every 10 days or so. If you are keen to follow you can subscribe here or check in again soon.