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Baskin-Robbins - New Brand, New Merch

According to a press release from Baskin-Robbins, "seizing the yay" implies "celebrating the simple moments of joy that ice cream can provide to your day." When you visit your local Baskin-Robbins, you'll find that the logo, packaging, employee uniforms, and other elements have all been redesigned. Of course, Baskin-Robbins' three new flavours (including a non-dairy option!) and a slew of merch can help you join in the fun. Seriously, you might be encouraged to flaunt your ice cream addiction on your sleeve. Check out the information on the new logo, flavours, merch, and packaging to get you started on your Baskin-Robbins celebration.

The new collection of branded merchandise from Baskin-Robbins includes items that will motivate you to "seize the yay" in your daily life. The matching hoodie and pant pair with "Be Happier" printed on it appears to be quite comfortable.

Socks, scrunchies, hats, and caps are just a few of the low-key accessories available.

There's also a beach blanket for those hot summer days, as well as a dog bandana so your dog may join in the ice cream fun.

There's even a beach cruiser and a skateboard so you can flaunt your Baskin-Robbins pride even on the go.