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Archive: Mar 26, 2018, 12:00 AM

Withers & Co works hard to bring our clients new ideas, trends, and examples of how other companies are using promotional products, branded merchandise and apparel to take the from a company to a brand. These businesses know their merchandise and apparel is the only part of their brand their clients can touch, so it needs to be special. Our blog is a source for ideas and inspiration. Find something that resonates with you and Withers & Co can help you apply that concept to your merchandise and apparel here in New Zealand. 

Cap Inspo

Here at Withers & Co we are always looking for design inspo (inspiration), below are some caps we have seen over the last couple weeks that we like the look of....

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Nintendo + Bloomingdale's Merchandise Collab = Goodness

Great collab this one: Herschel Backpack Paul Smith Socks Penguin Shorts Bricktown Cap Barneys T Shirt...

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Adidas Makes MLS Uniforms Out of Ocean Waste

In the soccer world, the word "plastics" usually comes with a negative connotation meaning a bandwagon or faux fan. But, in this case, Adidas is associating plastics in soccer with environmentally conscious jerseys. Sportswear companies are starting to look for ways of repurposing materials into apparel and footwear. Adidas, especially, has been at the forefront of this trend....

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UK Designer Makes Drinkware, Footwear From Used Chewing Gum

  Designer Anna Bullus is transforming used chewing gum into products like drinkware and boots, and, by doing so, is eliminating waste and dependency on fossil fuels. Bullus discovered that the primary ingredient in chewing gum (the gum base, if you can believe it) is a synthetic rubber similar to plastic called polyisobutylene....

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