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5 Red Flags to Upgrade Your Company’s Promotional Products

Whether your business offers innovative products or helpful services, promotional products are one way to market your company. Placing your brand name and logo on these versatile items and giving them to stakeholders is an effective and affordable way to stand out. They can also increase customer loyalty and generate new leads if you use them properly.

Although they're a crucial marketing tool, your branded items can also show signs that they need an immediate update. Companies often mistakenly believe that promotional products will continuously promote their brand without any changes required. However, that's untrue because it can do more harm than good, like hurting your brand image and defeating the tools' effectiveness. 

If you're ready to outperform competitors during your next marketing strategy, here are the warning signs to upgrade your company's promotional products. 

1. Your Employees Aren't Enthusiastic about Using or Distributing the Products

Your employees are crucial to the success of your business as they play a significant role in shaping your brand. Therefore, you should observe their actions and opinions when discussing your company's promotional products. 

Your workers can only effectively promote your brand and sell your products or services if they genuinely believe in them. Without this belief, there won't be enough emotional connection to inspire employees and customers to engage with your brand. If you still have piles of cheap promotional pens lying around, it could be because your employees have no desire to use them or feel embarrassed to give them away.

2. You've Been Reordering the Same Thing for Years

Like consumer trends, the promotional product industry constantly changes. Marketers look to overall market trends to choose promotional products. For example, new promotional items like power banks and phone cases emerged when smartphones became popular. These products are now some of the highest selling. As consumer trends change, promotional trends need to be updated.

3. You Have an Insufficient Promo Budget

Regardless of your company's offering, you must have enough financial resources to market your business, and your promotional products aren't an exception. Unfortunately, when you don't have enough money for this part of the brand awareness campaign, you cannot buy high-quality items to market yourself as often as you want to. When this happens, your stakeholders will feel dissatisfied with using or distributing your things. 

You can avoid these situations and reap the benefits for your brand by allocating more of your budget to high-quality options. 

4. Your Giveaways Remain the Same after Rebranding

Although consumer behaviour can impact promotional trends, you should know that internal changes within your brand can also influence your choice of promotional products. If your business redesigns its logo and website, your branded items must align with these changes. That means ordering products with the new logo and using the same colour scheme as the updated website to strengthen your brand's fresh identity. 

You can also use promotional products to announce any new brand changes. For instance, you can introduce a new product by offering a relevant branded giveaway to loyal customers.

5. You Don't Have a Tactic for Your Promotional Products

Promotional products are excellent items to hand out during various events, but they must have a purpose, relate to your brand, be helpful, and delight recipients.

For instance, you can offer digital incentives to express gratitude towards your customers for their support. When you do so, you can show appreciation for their business and encourage them to continue engaging with your brand. Having a clear intention and strategy for each item will save resources and create a positive perception of your company.


Promotional products allow you to market your company effectively, but using outdated ones can harm your reputation and stakeholder morale. You can gain customers and uphold a professional image by allocating more funds for these items, staying updated with the latest trends, and ensuring they have a purpose. 

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