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From day one Withers & Co. has held the belief that the best way to show our clients the value of branded merchandise and apparel is through the way we use our own branded merchandise and apparel.

Withers & Co. use merchandise to showcase our design capabilities, we use it to generate leads and sales appointments, we use it as a corporate gift, upon receipt our goal is to design product that our clients use in our every day lives.

Your merchandise and apparel doesn't need to be a walking billboard that is plastered with 0800 numbers and websites. Withers & Co. collaborates with our clients to create ranges that blend products and design to create merchandise and apparel people want.

In 2017 merchandise and apparel is such an intricate part of a company’s brand that we feel you can no longer afford to pick a catalogue item and slap a logo on.

Withers & Co., your source for custom merchandise and promotional products NZ wide.


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