scenic hotel group rubiks cube withers and co1

Scenic Hotel Group 40th Anniversary Custom Rubik’s Cubes

I wish we could claim the creative on this one, but that 100% came from Scenic Hotel Group. Withers & Co was charged with the sourcing, and let me tell you, sourcing Rubik’s Cubes is a very specific request, but it just so happens sourcing is our middle name.

Coming out of COVID and the huge impact that has had on the hotel and tourism industries Scenic Hotel Group were looking for something fun, something that would trigger memories of happier times, as a child of the 80’s themselves leaning into the retro/vintage theme that is everywhere right now was easy, enter the quintessential 80’s Retro Toy, the Rubik’s Cube.

Custom branding & custom packaging means we created an item that will stay on peoples desk, be memorable, but also bring back those comforting memories of happier times, simpler times, non-COVID times.

It is always so much fun working on projects like this, and great to see a very happy client.