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Finger Spinners - The New Craze

On our recent sourcing trip to Hong Kong and China there was no shortage of the Finger Spinner.

They have emerged out of no-where (originally invented in 1998 by a lady in the UK) as the must-have gadget of 2017.  They are a little toy that sits neatly between your thumb and middle finger and spins back and forth. It can take a while to get the hang of it but some spinners can spin up to 60-120 seconds long. There are a tonne of trick videos emerging daily on Youtube. Kids being kids are getting tricky and competitive!

They are being marketed to help those who fidget and let's face it, we all do it. How many times have you caught yourself clicking your pen whilst bored or thinking of your next genius idea to conquer the world? Whilst that pen clicking may be fine to you - the person next to you isn't so thrilled with the noise. A toy that creates minimum distractions is great for office productivity. Or how about those nail biters - no finger nails get harmed using these new toys.

There is also a lot of talk and articles that these are a great aide to kids / adults who suffer from stress, anxiety and autism. Fidgeting has been said to help sensory-processing and concentration so the Finger spinners are a great way of discreetly easing that stress.

So whilst you first look at these and may think that they have no use, consumers are lapping these up and the world is talking. 


Here is a video of these in action.

Available in a range of colours, and branding options.

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