plush cow parachute withers and co

Cows with Parachutes - yes you read that right!

This would have to be one of the coolest brand activations we were involved with in 2017.

Meadow Fresh/Goodman Fielder really wanted to make a splash at the NZ Breakers game on 19 November. Taking inspiration from a promotion that was previously run in the US Copper Brand Experiences was charged with executing the activation, and Withers & Co charged with designing and procuring Plush Cows with a Parachute that could be dropped from the ceiling at half time.

The challenges on this project were extensive - the turn around time was mega tight which meant sampling in record time. Often when hit with time constraints other aspects of the project may need to be altered or client expectations relaxed. This was not the case as the cow HAD to be child safe, HAD to be light enough that the parachute would work, and HAD to meet OSH safety regulations for the stadium.

We are super proud to have delivered on this project on time, hitting all requirements on the brief...pat on the back Copper Brand, pat on the back Withers & Co, and pat on the back Goodman Fielder for the idea!