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rabobank custom tin withers and co1

Rabobank Custom Tins

Now more than ever care packages like this to staff that are working from home will have more cut through. A gesture of this nature builds loyalty, goodwill and shows staff that your company genuinely cares for their well being. Withers and Co is your source for Custom Tins NZ wide....

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baggo custom corn hole withers and co

Custom Corn Hole Sets

Here is a wee Boo Peep at a Custom Corn Hole Set we delivered late last year. The two plastic boards clip together and all of the parts of the Corn Hole Set are tucked away inside. We know a lot of people want the traditional heavy wooden sets, but trust us, this style is lower cost, faster delivery, and easier to transport....

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custom quick rip set withers and co

Custom Quick Rip Rugby Sets

Rugby Union is New Zealand's biggest participation sport, while more and more mums and dads aren't keen on the tackle and contact aspects of Rugby the sport is still growing and that is largely due to the advent of Quick Rip - non contact Rugby Union targeting kids....

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hanmer springs custom USB withers and co

Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa Custom USB's

Mixed vs It has dawned on us that the humble USB Drive is the OG of Environmental Merchandise - think paperless people! Like we have said many times before a custom design/shape adds some X factor to everyday merchandise items and we feel Hanmer Springs Thermal Pool & Spa have done that nicely recreating their waterdrop logo as a USB....

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aperol custom stainless steel jiggers withers and co

Stainless Steel Aperol Jiggers

Aperol is always on the lookout for ways to add some theatre to the bar experience. You would think Jiggers would be an easy solution - but not so. Different countries pour different sizes of shot, in New Zealand we need Jiggers that pour 30/60ml. . . not easy to find. . . enter Withers & Co with a custom solution and everyone is happy....

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espolon tequila key ring withers and co v2

Espolon Tequila Key Rings

Nice we project we produced recently for Espolon Tequila - full sublimation Key Rings. Never been a fan of Tequila shots until now. . . guess the key (see what we did there?) is quality Tequila. . . These Sublimated Key Rings have a low minimum order and fast delivery time. Withers and Co is your source for creative branded merchandise and apparel....

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hansen bucket hat withers and co1

Towelling Bucket Hat

Summer is just around the corner so time to get your Custom Towelling Bucket Hats in now! Min order is only 250pcs, and 6 weeks delivery. Withers and Co is your source for custom bucket hats NZ wide....

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negroni custom light box withers and co1

Negroni Custom Light Box

Negroni Week has just finished and we must say we are pretty happy with ourselves having supplied these Custom Light Boxes. Our client was looking to highlight (get it!) their promotion in a number of bars and hotels across New Zealand and as the day turned to night and these Custom Light Boxes took effect their brand became ever more present in the bar....

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hawaiian tropic cotton canvas tote bag withers and co

Hawaiian Tropic Cotton Canvas Tote Bags

  New Zealand’s most popular Tote Bag this summer. Our spies in retail have confirmed it, this Cotton Canvas Tote Bag is THE bag this summer, so much so that they can’t keep up with demand. This is just one of the many styles of Cotton Canvas Bags we have available, too see the others, check out this section of our website: https://www. withersandco....

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sublimated touch uniforms withers and co2 ResizedImageWzgwMCw5OTdd

Sublimated Touch Uniforms

One of our largest selling product categories is Sublimated Sportswear, and even more specifically Sublimated Touch Uniforms, so you think we would post about it more. . . well it is hard as most of the orders that come in are in such a rush to get to the team that we don't get a chance to take any nice photos....

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