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Archive: November, 2021

Withers & Co works hard to bring our clients new ideas, trends, and examples of how other companies are using promotional products, branded merchandise and apparel to take the from a company to a brand. These businesses know their merchandise and apparel is the only part of their brand their clients can touch, so it needs to be special. Our blog is a source for ideas and inspiration. Find something that resonates with you and Withers & Co can help you apply that concept to your merchandise and apparel here in New Zealand. 

Budweiser Candle withers and co1

Dreaming of a Tailgate

The American tradition of Tailgating is something we are yet to experience, it is on the To-do list for sure, but as this COVID world lurches into year 3 and it is looking more and more like international travel for New Zealanders is a thing of the past, the closest we are going to get to a Tailgate is this Scented Candle! For this candle, Bud Light teamed up with Homesick,......

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collectable lanyard withers and co1

Collectable Lanyards

Since the dawn of the conference, we have all used lanyards, I actually struggle to put a number on how many I have sold in my lifetime, but what also dawned on me over the weekend is that there haven't been that many orders of lanyards that have been memorable....

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withers and co Retailtainment and Shoppable Content

Two New Words for you "Retailtainment" and "Shoppable Content"

With season two of “Emily in Paris” just around the corner, the show’s producers and the network parent company wanted to find a way to celebrate the show through merchandise, touching on the fashion-forward nature of its Parisian setting and reflective of the characters’ own wardrobes. They decided on an apparel line, created with multiple luxury brands and led by Mindy Lin Prugnaud of Mint Group, according to Forbes....

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Canterbury cricket withers and co3

Withers & Co Supporting Canterbury Cricket

Sitting up and watching that amazing T20 semi-final run chase from the Black Caps this morning reminded me we haven't posted about our Canterbury Cricket news. Over the winter period, we decided to extend our philanthropic arms to Canterbury Cricket taking up the esteemed position of supporter....

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starbucks personalised mugs nz withers and co1

Starbucks Christmas Cups

Just like Punxsutawney Phil signalling the start of Spring (Groundhog Day reference), the Starbucks Christmas Cups emerging around town signal that Christmas is upon us. This year's design is pretty cool, with your traditional red-and-green colour scheme, incorporating a wintery lilac colour, but I think the real kicker is the area for your name to be written on your order so it looks like a gift card, clever....

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as colour duffel bags withers and cogroup

New Duffel...Who Dis?

Great news team, AS Colour have updated their Duffel Bag range, and the flow-on effect is that we have too! We have a Canvas Duffel Bag in cream and white. We have the Gym Duffel Bag and the Contrast Duffel Bag made of recycled polyester and you have got to love that Contrast Duffel Bag in Camel/Black. To see the full range follow this link. AS Colour Bags....

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